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Plant Varieties


Strand Medic

  • First of the new generation of pod and leaf holding (ph) medics, developed and bred by the leading international breeders of annual pasture and forage legumes at Pristine Forage Technologies.
  • High yielding strand medic ideally suited to medium rainfall, neutral to alkaline sands and loams.
  • Can be harvested on-farm to enable cheap and easy establishment of high quality, high yield pasture whenever needed.
  • Out of season pasture quantity, quality and availability maintained at a high level, giving unparalleled year round stock production and finishing capacity.
  • Ideal for ley pastures in the wheat-sheep zone.
  • Excellent resistance to aphid pests; equal to or better than any other medic on the market.
  • Available in 2006.

Plot comparisons; Jaguar (left) versus Herald at right

Jaguar has all of the outstanding features of the strand medic Herald coupled with the massive added bonus of ph technology. Using this, PFT Client Group farmers will be able to create high quality, high yield pastures at minimal cost and virtually at will. Further, because it has over summer feed quality and availability that is far superior to any conventional medic, it provides profitable feed options through virtually 12 months of the year. That alone is expected to nearly double production compared to conventional medics, as well as opening up new opportunities for high value meat and breeding stock production in the wheat-sheep zone. As a variety, it is a class performer on neutral and alkaline sands and loams between about 250 and 450 mm average annual rainfall. It is also equal or superior to any other medic on the market in resistance to the major aphid pests; SAA, BGA and CPA. While not being easily distinguishable from Herald during the growing season, as you would expect, its revolutionary pod and leaf holding characteristics are a stand out in mature and even semi-mature stands (see below).

Effects of pod holding; Jaguar (left) and Herald on the right. Photos of adjacent plots taken on the same day in early October. Note little or no pod or leaf drop under Jaguar, (the pod and leaf on the left of the picture are actually still attached to the vine) versus the extensive drop of leaf and even green pod under Herald.

*Protected under Plant Breeders Rights by Pristine Forage Technologies.