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Pod holding medics; a real breakthrough for farming system profits.

Field testing has confirmed the outstanding performance and unique capacities of Pristine’s pod holding medics.

After several years of field testing and validation, we can now say that our pod holding (ph) medics are performing at least as well as expectations.  Brought to you only by Pristine, this ph trait is patent protected to enable individually licensed farmers the singular right to harvest and resow their own high quality, high performance medics at a tiny fraction of the cost of bought seed.  That means boosting profits right across the rotation is easy; and we think you will find the results spectacular.  Read how you can make this happen on your farm at Pod Holding.

Managing with climate change and drought; the real answers.

Offset the high risk and high costs of grain crops with a low cost, low risk, reliable income every year from Pristine’s easily managed, high performance forage crops and pastures. 

While grain crops have regularly failed over recent years leaving many farmers with crippling debts, forage crops and pastures have come through despite the weather.  Pristine forages and pastures take this to a completely new level of reliability, profitability, utility and ease of implementation, so that you can both make a bigger income in bad years, and set your land up to really take advantage of the better years. 

Find out more on our Drought page.

Slashing your fertiliser costs

Turn your largest crop cost into pure profit while doing everything right for your land, your business and your future.

At the risk of stating the obvious, N fertiliser prices are going through the roof.  But what is less well known is that despite all the money being spent, nearly every grain grower is still exporting a lot of N out of his soil.  To satisfactorily replace all the N removed in every single tonne of grain via fertiliser will cost about $50 (2009); and that cost will only continue to rise in the future.  Fortunately there is an excellent and very profitable alternative.  Pasture and forage legumes fix large amounts of N, for free, so that you can use this to boost your real profit from growing cereals by at least $70 per tonne; while also doing a lot more than a little bit to save the environment. 

For more information, visit our Nitrogen page.

Forage cropping; doing it without animals

If you are a 100% cropper looking for better alternatives for your rotation, growing a Pristine legume forage crop is an excellent and very reliable option in our uncertain climate.  That is because Pristine varieties are benchmark high forage yielders, what you harvest starts growing from day one, you can produce up to three times the amount of harvestable protein per unit area compared to a cereal, and prices for quality forage can make this a most lucrative and profitable crop, even in a dry year.

Most of the generic information on this web site is applicable to growing straight forage crops as well as pastures.  Some specific additional comments can be found under point 2 of the Drought page.

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