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Plant Varieties


Choosing and learning about the Pristine Variety that best suits your needs.

In order to choose the best Pristine variety for your needs, you need to know your rainfall and soil type, and whether you want a pasture based on an annual or a perennial legume.

Once you have selected a variety, double click on the name to find out more about that variety.

Note that there are other pasture legume varieties that may be suited to your soil and rainfall. We advise you to seek additional information from other sources to find out more about these, particularly if your variety selection parameters fall outside the recommended limitations for our varieties.

A. For perennial pastures suited to all soil types (except those prone to extended waterlogging) of pH > 5 and average annual rainfall > 400mm, choose Siriver Mk II lucerne.

B1. For annual pastures on neutral or alkaline pH soils - go to C.

B2. For annual pastures on neutral to acid pH soils - go to D.

C1. For lighter soils (sands and loams) with average annual rainfall of 250 to 450mm, choose Jaguar strand medic.

C2. For medium and heavy textured soils (loams and clays) with low-medium organic matter and an average annual rainfall of 200 to 400mm, choose Cheetah barrel medic.

C3. For heavy textured or self-mulching soils with medium-high organic matter (eg. grey-balck clays) and an average annual rainfall of 300 to 500mm, choose Lynx barrel medic.

D1. For sandy loams to clay soils with pH between 5.5 and 8.0 and average annual rainfall of 375 to 550mm, choose Taipan balansa clover.

D2. For sandy loams to clay soils with pH between 5.5 and 8.0 and average annual rainfall of 500 to 750mm, choose Viper balansa clover.

If none of the above looks suitable for your farm, please feel free to drop us a line at because we would like to know what farmers see as their needs and to use that information to target our future R&D at the areas of greatest need.

For seed orders and supplies of all Pristine varieties, contact your local seed retailer, or for larger orders, contact Keith Seeds Pty Ltd.

Note that seed supplies of our new varieties are limited.  To avoid disappointment, make sure to place seed orders early. 

Keith Seeds.  Australia’s premier producer, supplier and exporter of quality annual and perennial pasture and forage legumes.

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