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Barrel Medic
  • Outstanding performance new generation pod and leaf holding (ph) barrel medic, developed by Pristine’s internationally renowned annual pasture and forage legume breeders.
  • Leafy, vigorous and competitive, high quality and high yielding medic for medium rainfall, neutral to alkaline heavier soils.
  • Mature pod held on plant; can be readily harvested with an ordinary header for cheap, high quality seed and used on-farm to generate high yield, high quality pasture whenever needed.
  • Out of season pasture quantity, quality and availability maintained, giving unparalleled year round stock production and finishing capacity for an annual.
  • Excellent nitrogen fixation provides free, high quality biological N into rotation systems for big increases in crop yields and profits.
  • Resistant to major aphid pests (spotted alfalfa and blue-green aphids).
  • Improved seedling tolerance to red legged earthmite and lucerne flea.
  • Commercially available in 2009-10.

    Lynx.  Good seedling growth rates with excellent leafiness and quality.

    Lynx seed crop.  Seed yields of 600 kg/ha or more can be achieved in good crops.

Lynx is a high quality, early-mid season flowering pod holding barrel medic with exceptional performance on heavier loams and clays with medium to high organic matter levels, such as are common in the Victorian Wimmera. It has all the good features of the old barrel medic Mogul, to which is added the massive bonus of ph technology to supercharge its field performance.  Using this, Pristine licensed farmers will be able to harvest their own seed and create high quality, high yield pastures at minimal cost and virtually at will.  Further, because it has over summer feed quality and availability that is far superior to any conventional medic, it provides profitable feed options through virtually 12 months of the year.  That can nearly double production compared to conventional medics, as well as open up new opportunities for high value meat and breeding stock production in the wheat-sheep zone.  As a variety, it is the outstanding pasture and forage legume on neutral and alkaline clays with between 300mm and 500 mm of average annual rainfall.  It has good pest resistance and tolerance, being resistant to spotted alfalfa aphid (SAA) and blue green aphid (BGA).  Because of its good seedling vigour, it is also more tolerant to red-legged earthmite and lucerne flea than other barrel medics, but where these pests are a problem, additional protection will ensure that Lynx’s very good growth rates can be maintained.

During most of the growing season, Lynx is similar in general appearance to Mogul.  However, the degree to which pod and leaf are shed and lost from normal medics like Mogul is never truly apparent until you have seen Lynx or other ph medics; the superior pod and leaf holding provide a dramatic difference as the plants approach maturity.  While ordinary non-ph medics disintegrate to bare sticks, Lynx matures to a straw gold-brown coloured, high quality, standing forage crop, liberally sprinkled with dark brown to almost black pods.  This mature stand can be harvested for seed or grazed as a high quality standing forage; making a ph medic stand useful long after traditional legumes have gone.

Lynx Seed stands; approaching maturity (left) and fully mature and awaiting harvest (right).

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