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Siriver Mk II*

  • High winter activity lucerne (dormancy group 9) for better late autumn and winter production.
  • Very good seedling vigour for easier establishment.
  • Better general root and crown disease resistance and improved persistence in dryland conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to aphid pests.
  • Good broad crown for grazing tolerance.
  • Available in 2005.

A seedling stand of Siriver Mk II shows its outstanding performance.

Derived from the proven variety Siriver, Siriver Mk II has been bred and selected for a number of superior traits, including persistence, high vigour and general resistance to common field diseases. It is a winter active variety of dormancy class 9 with a field performance that has reflected its selection parameters in having superior yield and persistence to that of similar varieties, particularly in dryland trials. Its high productivity, seedling and winter vigour make it very well suited to short term leys in cereal zones, while its persistence also enables it to continue to perform for longer term leys if required.

*Protected under Plant Breeders Rights by Pristine Forage Technologies.