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Plant Varieties


Balansa Clover

  • Later flowering, high performance balansa clover suited to a wide range of soil types with 550mm rainfall and above.
  • Improved herbage and seed production characteristics that enable easier, more reliable and higher production in better rainfall zones.
  • Continues tradition of balansa clover performance in difficult environments.
  • Good tolerance of waterlogging and moderate tolerance of salinity gives outstanding performance in high rainfall zones where other legumes fail.
  • Has excellent late spring production and good mature forage quality to assist stock finishing for higher price markets.
  • Suited for both pasture and forage/hay production.
  • Available in 2006.

Comparison rows of Viper (left) and Bolta (right)

Derived from recurrent selection for various performance traits within a polycross population of selected Bolta clones, Viper is a balansa clover of later, Bolta-type maturity. It has superior herbage and seed production characteristics, and particularly when coupled with the latest PFT technical information relating to its management, will very significantly outperform Bolta in either phase or permanent pastures or as a forage crop. While it also is a highly versatile variety, it is best suited where rainfall is greater than 550mm. It has good tolerance of waterlogging and moderately saline conditions, and can be grown on sandy loam to clay soils anywhere between pH of 5.5 and 8.5.

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